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Review: Return to the 36th Chambers

Return to the 36th Chambers 
Return To The 36th Chamber
Rating: 5 out of 5

Starring: Gordon Liu, Kara Hui

Directed: Chia-Liang Liu

Release Date: 1980

Run Time: 97 Minutes

Format: DVD

Eng, Cantonese  / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Vivendi Entertainment


Kung-Fu legend Gordon Liu reprises his role as San Te in this action-packed martial arts sequel. Up against unimaginable odds, San Te is forced to let out all that he’s learned from his master at Shaolin.

Master martial arts filmmaker Lau Kar Leung revives the plot and characters of the original to create an all-new story which showcases his adoptive brother as a hapless loser…that is, until he is convinced to help repair the run-down Shaolin Temple. Only then does he unknowingly learn a new kind of kung-fu to liberate his townspeople from persecuting invaders.

My Thoughts

This is a Shaw Brother and Back for the 2nd time Gordon Liu returns to the 36 chambers at the Shaolin temple to become a good fighter.
This really doesn’t have anything to do with the 1st film except it stars Gordon Liu and he is training at the Shaolin temple. Gordon’s character is a beggar who pretends to be a Shaoilin monk to make money selling medicines. His brother and friends work at a clothing factory dying fabrics.
Until the Manchu’s  decide they want to take over and subtract 20% of their pay and if they don’t like it they get beat. so One of the guys devise a plane to get Gordon Lui to play a master  High Priest Monk  to get their wages back.
All the workers are in on it but after over doing it  the Manchus find out it’s all fake they beat him and all those who are involved. After defeat Gordon feels like he is nothing, being a phony all the time. So he decides to try to con his way in to shaolin so he can learn to fight. After getting in after a few attempts he is caught but doesn’t know it yet.  The abbot is making him build scaffolding for a year and then makes him leave. Gordon didn’t learn a thing so he thinks, but he has. But does Gordon even know he learns anything or does he even take revenge…Well you just have to watch.

The fight scenes are good and the training scenes are OK it’s not like the training scenes in the first film, as Gordon doesn’t even know he was in training. The story is not like the first film and doesn’t even follow it but it is good.
This film is more playful and it is not as deep as the first film. With a more comic approach I still enjoyed this film a lot and you can’t go wrong with Gordon Liu. If you don’t have this film or the first film i advise you go and buy them as they are films that should be in every martial arts film collection.

This film I enjoyed just as much as the first one even tho they are both different in story but still involve Gordon liu and training at the Shaolin temple with awesome fight scenes I give this the same rating as the first film. Also don’t forget this is part of a trilogy. The DVD is from dragon dynasty and the pic quality is pretty good for standard DVD.

I gave this film a

5 out of 5


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