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A New Way To Watch Asian Cinema Online and or TV – Iron Fist TV

ironfisttvHello Readers, TV, and Movie Watchers! A New way to Watch old school Kung Fu films and TV shows has made its way to the inter-webs and through your roku system connected to your TV. Iron Fist TV is a brand new site and I mean it just went live like yesterday.

Iron Fist TV features Kung Fu Flix and TV shows like Ultraman and many more. The selection of films are limited to free viewers and TV Shows and the bigger selection of films can be watched by becoming a member for $4.99 a month.


The collection well be updated and new films and TV Shows will be added to keep content fresh for its viewers and members. For its free selection you will have to sit through advertisements with in the film. Paying members will have a bigger selection of movies to view and no advertizing.  Another feature they have is a blog area with articles on Asian cinema,although the section is small  that is due to the amount of time the site has been operating, the articles are a good read.

Over all the site looks cool with a decent selection for its free content. The TV section for its paying members looks cool and of course with the extra films there will be more great old school kung fu flix to view. Another great thing about this is you can stream this on your TV if you have a Roku box, and HD content will be added as well.

You can pick up a Roku box on Amazon – Click Here

Roku has bunch of streaming service that can be streamed through your TV in HD like netflix, amazon intent video, HBO Go, and 207 more channels of content and its well worth having.  – List of channels

Another way to watch Kung Fu films? Hey I’m in! Go and give Iron Fist TV a check, watch some free content, browse its tv shows. Give it a shot or you will get kick in the balls by a younger family member today.

Click the Iron Fist Logo below and it will take to the site.



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