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Review: Eaten Alive (Arrow Video)


Eaten Alive
Eaten Alive
3 stars

Starring: Robert Englund, Marilyn Burns, Carolyn Jones, Neville Brand, Mel Ferrer

Directed: Tobe Hooper

Release Date: September 22, 2015

Run Time: 87 Minutes

Format: Blu-Ray Color: Color

Audio: English Subtitles:

Distributor: Arrow Video




Nearly a decade before he donned Freddy Kruger’s famous red and green sweater, horror icon Robert Englund delivered a supremely sleazy performance in Eaten Alive – another essay in taut Southern terror from Tobe Hooper, director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Deep in the Louisiana bayou sits the ramshackle Starlight Hotel, destination of choice for those who like to check in but not check out! Presided over by the bumbling, mumbling Judd (and his pet croc which he keeps in a large pond out front), the patron of this particular establishment may seem like a good-natured ol’ Southern gent – but he has a mean temper on him, and a mighty large scythe to boot…

Oozing atmosphere from its every pore (the entire film was shot on a sound-stage at the famous Raleigh Studios, which lends it a queasy, claustrophobic feel) Eaten Alive matches The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for sheer insanity – and even drafts in Chain Saw star Marilyn Burns as the terrorised woman-in-peril, alongside William Finley and Mel Ferrer.



Audio Language: English

The Sound Quality is also great in its original mono. Crisp, clear, bassy when it needs to be.

Rating: 4.5 stars


Picture Quality

Disc Format: Blu-Ray

The Picture Quality looks good remastered. Skin tones took great, colors pop, black levels seem darker then other releases but fit the film’s grit and details are sharp.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Note: Equipment used to watch the film can be found below

Theatrical release Date: May 13, 1977 (USA)
DVD Disc release Date: October 6, 2015 (USA)


  • Brand new 2K restoration of the film from the original camera negative, approved by director Tobe Hooper
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
  • Original Mono audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
  • Isolated Music and Effects Soundtrack
  • Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audio commentary with co-writer and producer Mardi Rustam, stars Roberta Collins, William Finley and Kyle Richards, and make-up artist Craig Reardon
  • New introduction to the film by Hooper
  • Blood on the Bayou a brand new interview in which the director shares his recollections of making Eaten Alive
  • Gator Bait a brand new interview with star Janus
  • Monsters and Metaphors a brand new interview with makeup artist Craig Reardon
  • The Gator Creator an archive interview with Hooper
  • My Name is Buck an archive interview with star Robert Englund
  • 5ive Minutes with Marilyn Burns the star of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre talks about working on Eaten Alive
  • The Butcher of Elmendorf: The Legend of Joe Ball featurette looking at the true-life story of the South Texas bar owner on whom Eaten Alive is loosely based
  • Original theatrical trailers for the film under its various alternate titles: Eaten Alive, Death Trap, Starlight Slaughter and Horror Hotel
  • TV and Radio Spots
  • Alternate Credits
  • Behind the Scenes Slideshow
  • Audience Comment Cards
  • Stills and Promo Material Gallery
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin
  • Collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Brad Stevens, illustrated with original archive stills and posters.



My Thoughts

Eaten Alive is a film directed by Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper and also stars, Not Leading actor but stars Freddy Krueger him Self Robert Englund. The film is dirty and gritty, character wise its weird and crazy and matches a tone that Chainsaw Massacre had when it came to people.

The story was just OK with the main location at this crazy guys Motel that houses a Croc. Of course you know what happens when those things are around and a film title of Eaten Alive is plastered on the Front of The Artwork. I Wont get in to plot details but what we have here in this film some good gore, Boobs, Weird Characters but it’s not scary or as gritty and interesting has a Man with a Chainsaw.

Overall The film was a good watch, just seeing a young Robert Englund was nice also boobs. But at items the film was on a slow side and its missing the scary factor. Its more of a slasher and feeding the Croc the evidence.

With that said I give this film a 3 out of 5 and its worth viewing. Arrow Video collectors or Robert Englund Fans should pick it up.



Rating – 5 Star System




3 stars

4.5 stars

4.5 stars


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