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James Franco and Seth Rogen Back as Assassins in ‘The Interview’ – Trailer

Hello Reader! Are we a James Franco or Seth Rogen fan? Like comedy action, Want to see Kim Jong-un get assassinated?  Well Hey Than this news and trailer is for you so check below for the details. The Interview is the next adventure for James Franco and Seth Rogen, playing assassins who disguise themselves as […]

Child of God Gets a Trailer – Written and Directed by James Franco

Hello Reader! are we a James Franco Fan?  How about a film Directed and Written by the multi-talented James Franco? Well Hey check this full trailer out. Child of God is Written and Directed By James Franco that gets a tad bit over mediocre ratings from film festivals. From the look of it this Thriller […]

Homefront – Starring Jason Statham and James Franco Gets Trailer

Hello Reader! Jason Statham fan are we? How about James Franco? Say what! you are, well guess what this news is for you. Homefront is the film and has a writer you may have heard of and that is Sylvester Stallone. If you like WTF…don’t forget the man wrote the Rocky films.  From the trailer […]

‘Child of God’ Teaser Starring James Franco – That Guy Looks Crazy

Hello Reader! James Franco fan are we? How about James Franco Behind the camera Directing? If so I got some cool news for you below. James Franco is Starring and Directing in this film called Child of God. The Trailer below is just a teaser and basically just shows that guys face for 40 some […]