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Review: The Final Master (Well Go USA)

The Final Master


Starring:  Liao Fan, Jia Song, Wenli Jiang
Directed:  Haofeng Zu
Studio: Well Go USA
Format:  Blu-Ray
Disc Release Date: July 11, 2017



In 1930s China, unrest rules the nation. Chen, the last Wing Chun master, arrives in Tianjin to expand his kung fu but his ambition gets him entangled in a power struggle between Tianjins martial arts Grandmaster, a dominant underworld Madam, and the towns military leaders. Can he protect his family from the dangers of the martial arts world, or will it consume everything he loves?


My Review:

The Final Master is Action filled Shaw Brothers Homage that also stars for a short time Shaw Brothers Star Chen Kuan-tai. The film follows the last master for the style Wing Chun. His goal is to keep it alive but faces obstacles along the way as he trains a student to help him defeat 8 schools so he can open his own to keep Wing Chun going.

The Story is a great follow but at times you may fall of track if your not fully watching the film as it could get a little confusing. Action wise the film was great and filled with lots of action which was mostly weapon fighting. Sadly Not a ton of hand on hand to showcase great Wing Chun. Action was good and the film is a at a decent run time just below 2 hours. So the film doesn’t feel like it drags.

Some of the down sides I would say again was I want more Wing Chun in the form of Hand to hand. A few cuts in the editing g during a fight kind of got in the way as it didn’t make the action as smooth but overall the action doesn’t have bad cuts and I’m not sure if it was a style thing or not. Some of the camera work also if your paying attention does kick in like a Classic Shaw film and same with its story.

Overall the film was a great watch and its a film that does get good reviews as my review will mostly match the other ratings here. If you like action, a good story and love to see Chen Kuan-tai do his thing with a big ass sword then this is a film for you.

With that said I give this film a 4 out of 5 stars. It has some nit-picking moments on my end with a spot in a scene with the editing and not as much hand to hand Wing Chun but the rest of the film makes this a good one to view. Pick it up.



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