Sun, Sand and Sweat 4 Movie Pack
Sun, Sand and Sweat
3 stars

Starring: Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow, John Travolta, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Knell

Directors: Various

Release Date: March 15, 2016

Run Time: 387 Minutes (4 Films)

Format: Blu-Ray Color: Color

Audio: English Subtitles:

Distributor: Mill Creek Entertainment

Synopsis – Box Set

Mill Creek Entertainment brings us four films all related to summer, partying or sweating. Starring a few A Lister’s you may know and also featuring a decent amount of Nudity.


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My Thoughts


Sun, San and Sweat 4 Movie Pack as you can tell features 4 film and a few films with actors who are pretty big today but in these film they are very young. All 4 films relate in way that all the films are summer, party, young adults having fun,Lots of nudity, vacation type of movies. For me I feel these movies are a sit back and chill kind of viewings.

Overall I like the movies and of course some better than others. It was fun seeing a Young Johnny Depp playing a young guy looking to get laid while on vacation but running into a bunch of trouble along the way and I have to say that film might be my fav of the bunch and Even though I give Hardbodies a lower rating the film sticks in my head some. Spring Break is another decent film, decent story and it kid of has that revenge of the nerds feel somewhat. Perfect the last in the set stars two A Lister’s you will know but are pretty young here and the film itself was a decent watch and the longest run-time of them all. All the movies hover around the same rating but The film perfect gets a ton of hate and was considered one of the worst movie at the time but failed to win any razzie awards. But for me I thought the film wasn’t that bad, yes a tad long and its all over the place at times but it’s still an OK film. One thing to Note about this film is it’s the only film with no Nudity.

With that said I give this 4 film set a 3 out of 5 which is the average of all the movies combined. Give it a shot. Cant go wrong at this price range.

The Sound and Picture Quality is about the same for all the movies so I will group those reviews here.

SQ- 3

The Sound Quality is OK its is crisp and clear but need s a fuller sound with surround sound

PQ – 3

The Picture Quality is Good but not great. Its sharp on close-ups but overall it seems a bit soft and some times faded. Colors pop but could be better.



Private Resort
privet resort

3 stars

Starring: Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow, Hector Elizondo

Directed: George Bowers

Theatrical Release Date: May 3, 1985 (USA)

Run Time: 82 Minutes

Color: Color

Audio:English   Subtitles:



Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow star as two sex-starved teens out for the adventure of their lives in this outrageous Spring Break comedy filled with sand, surf and skin! Jack (Depp) and his buddy Ben (Morrow) check in at a posh Florida resort, planning to spend every hour in hot pursuit of gorgeous babes. But their plans hit a major detour when they try to bed the wife of a conniving jewel thief (Hector Elizondo). They’ll have to outsmart him, a nasty security guard and an obnoxious jock if they’re ever going to get a moment alone with the girls of their dreams!



Private Resort is a Summer comedy starring a very young Johnny Depp. Depp and his friend find themselves on a vacation at a privet resort where they are chasing girls around. Of course they both find the girl they like plus but all kind other shenanigans happens in between like a Diamond heist a cheating husband and lots topless girls. ON that Note Leslie Easterbrook of Police Academy fame, you know tall blond big boobs, She gets semi naked in this.

The movie itself was a fun view not the greatest film but a fun one to sit back and chill. The story is OK and its an 80’s film that is kind of cheesy at times but still fun

Overall the movie was fun and you might like it if you like those summer Rated R college kid type of movies. Plus a good amount of nudity fills the screen.

With that said I give this movie a 3 out of 5





2.5 stars

Starring: Grant Cramer, Teal Roberts

Directed: Mark Griffiths

Theatrical Release Date: May 4, 1984 (USA)

Run Time: 86 Minutes

Color: Color

Audio: English   Subtitles:



Three middle-aged daddies visit California to have a marvelous time at the beach. When they learn that a nice apartment and an expensive cabriolet isn’t enough for them to score with the chicks, they employ a student to help them. At first he’s as disgusted of them and his job as his girlfriend, but soon they find out how to use the situation to everyone’s benefit.



Hardbodies is a beach party film about a young stud helping out a few older guys who just arrive to town on how to pick up chicks. Almost sounded like a gay porn but its the opposite, we have a lot of topples scenes and a few funny moments. The story is just OK and it times the movie is fun. The story does lack and can be corny at times but hey its an 80’s film.

Overall For me the movie is up and down but it is a fun film and worthy of a watch. Yes the story is small and lags but the concept is cool for an 80’s film.

With that said I give this movie a 2.5 and it’s not the best in this set of summer fun party movies but it’s still worth the view. Give it a shot if you and 80’s movies film viewer





Spring Break
spring break

3 stars

Starring: David Knell, Perry Lang, Paul Land, Steve Bassett, Jayne Modean

Directed: Sean S. Cunningham

Theatrical Release Date: March 25, 1983 (USA)

Run Time: 101 Minutes

Color: Color

Audio: English    Subtitles:



Stu & O.T. are two studs from the big city who arrive in Fort Lauderdale for spring break. They discover that the room they had reserved in an over crowded motel is already being occupied by Nelson & Adam, a pair of college nerds. With no other accomodations available, Nelson & Adam reluctantly agree to share the room with Stu & O.T., who promise to show them a good time. The wet-T-shirt contests and beer-guzzling-fun are threatened when Nelson’s controlling step-dad shows up, along with a building inspector who wants to shut down the motel.



Spring Break is a party beach film dealing with two college friends going on Spring Break. One of the kids is basically running away from his father as he was supposed to help organize his campaign for running for some local government job as a senator but just wanted to have fun for the summer.

Whats wrong with going away to have fun, drink and try to get laid? The Movie has a small plot lines like the whole father chasing down his stepson and the romance section but mostly a lot of partying takes place and we also get a good amount of topless girls and what is a spring break movie with out that. Yes the film is a tad corny and does suffer from its early 80’s age but it’s still a decent watch.

Overall the film was a decent watch not that funny but still brings that summer party feel with drinking and naked chicks. If you want to bring in the 80’s and chill to a summer flick than check it out

With that said I give this movie a 3 out of 5 as I did enjoy for what it is on my first viewing.






2.5 stars

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, David Paymer, Marilu Henner, John Travolta

Directed: James Bridges

Theatrical Release Date: June 7, 1985 (Belgium)

Run Time: 120 Minutes

Color: Color

Audio: English   Subtitles:


A female aerobics instructor meets a male reporter doing a story on health clubs, but it isn’t love at first sight.



Perfect is a Film about a reporter for Rolling Stones played by John Travolta and is following a few story’s. One story is getting him in trouble and the other story finds him following an Aerobics instructor played by Jamie Lee Curtis who probably showcases over a Thousand hip thrusts throughout.

Considered one of the worst movies made at the time in 1985 but did fail to win any of the three Razzie awards it was nominated for. Yes the story can get sloppy and your following it all over the place but I thought the movie was a decent watch. Not great but still watchable and that due to Jamie Lee Curtis. Now John Travolta also was nominated for a Razzie for the acting but it’s not bad just not a ton of excitement in his tone.

Overall the film is watchable and I feel it’s not that bad from all the bad reviews I’ve seen. I found some who would agree with me as well that the film is a decent watch and worth at least one viewing.

With that said I give this movie a 2.5 out of 5 a right down the middle as I’ve seen worst film and feel this is still an OK film but could use some cut and maybe 20 minutes or so.





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