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Hello Readers! A New Giveaway is here and its A good one. Check out how to enter below and don’t forget to watch my YouTube Clip I did just for this.

Giveaway: The Bruce Lee Premiere Collection

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How to Enter Giveaway:

Answer the Question below in this article (No wrong answer) Just scroll to bottom and enter your answer in the comment box.

QWhat is your most anticipated movie in 2015 and Why?


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Who Wins and When:

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17 thoughts on “Closed – Giveaway: The Bruce Lee Premiere Collection – Winner Selected”
  1. IP MAN 3… Been anticipating this for a while and with a very reasonable budget of 36 million….the effects should prove to be worth watching. Also Tyson is in the movie and Donnie is one of the old school kung fu cats who is still in the movie/martial arts world and on top….later…thanks

  2. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2, Ant Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hitman: Agent 47

  3. Growing up with Mad Max, my most anticipated film of 2015 is Fury Road. The action looks top notch, the combination of classic and modern actors seems legit, and the marketing has been STUNNINGLY well done. #GoneMad

  4. I’m most excited about Mockinjay part 2. I’m curious to see how true to the book it will be. In my opinion, they have done a great job so far.

  5. My most anticipated film of 2015 is Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens, because I’ve been a Star wars fan(especially the original unaltered trilogy) from youth up til now. I want to experience a brand new Star Wars movie with returning cast. I know that I’ll sound needy when I say this, but the martial arts genre has always been my favorite, especially Bruce Lee. He has been my hero ever since I was born. At one point, I had all of the Bruce Lee movies on VHS dubbed, but I needed an updated format of these movies to relive these awesome flicks in HD. I could not risk buying movies online since I haven’t done it before and they were hard to find in retailers. It’s ok if I don’t win, but at least I tried to add them in my collection for it to be complete. Thank you.

  6. What’s up, man? Guess what, yesterday, I found out that my aunt had a downloaded copy of Birdman. I watched it all night yesterday. I can’t even put it in words but it was such a great movie. Probably, my highly anticipated film for me is Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

  7. I’m not really looking forward to any up coming movies, I like the classic Heroes of the East (shawbrothers) LifeForce (1985 horror) Ninja Scroll, RAN (akira kurosawa’s) and so many more.

  8. Well I’m rarely excited about any film release these days. But there currently one and it’s ‘Ashby’. A small independent film (I think) starring Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff and Emma Roberts, who also starred in Pao Alto (2014), another independent film which is mostly just a few weeks in the life of normal characters. I’m not into big studio films these days. All that CGI bullshit and cheesy one liners and fast editing made with ADHD kids in mind. So yeah, Ashby. 😀

  9. Definitely UNLUCKY STARS. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since 2012 and now it’s FINALLY being released. It looks like a terrific movie and I’ve always wanted to see more movies paying tribute to the golden age of HK action cinema. If you haven’t heard of UNLUCKY STARS, I’d strongly suggest that you look it up. It looks amazing! Who’s with me?!

  10. I know it was made in 2014 but it’s to premiere in 2015 at least for U.S. is Gangnam Blues or Gangnam 1970, from Korea. I’ve been waiting for this cause it’s a crazy gangster noir film and it has a sweet cast. Plus did great in the box office in Korea. Even though I dig Chinese films, Korea has had a ton of amazingly badass action, martial arts, comedy, and dramas to offer. I haven’t seen a Korean noir film ever, and I LOVE noir films, so I’ve been waiting patiently. Korean films really have a style no other country has been able to reach, so edgy, so emotional, so dramatic and the action is way too real. Gangnam 1970 is my 2015 film I’ve been sitting restlessly waiting fur to get in my BlueRay and or DVD player. GET HERE NOW!!! Lol!

    1. Just to help you have a fighting chance of winning ill give you this tip: The question was “What film are you anticipating in 2015 and “Why?” <—-


  11. I am super excited for Star Wars Episode VII… everything else pales!

  12. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. It’s George Miller returning to Mad Max and the trailers look better than I’d even hope.

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