Sleepy Eyes of Death Vol 3

Starring: Ichikawa Raizo, Asaoka Yukiji, Ebara Shinjiro, Fujimura Shiho

Directed: Kazuo Ikehiro

Release Date: 1967-1969

Run Time:  329 Minutes

Format: DVD

Japanese / Subtitles: Eng

Distributor: AnimEigo

Film Synopsis

#9 : A Trail of Traps

A golden statue and an innocent girl embroil Kyoshiro in a deadly conflict between conniving officials and a murderous cult of devil worshipers. He can depend on his Full Moon Cut to deal with them, but how can it help him when he runs into some murderous Nuns with Guns?

#10 : Hell is a Woman

Two devious retainers are competing to take control of a fief when the current Lord dies, but involving Kyoshiro in the conflict against his will is the textbook example of a bad idea — especially when the collateral damage starts to tick him off.

#11 : In the Spider’s Lair

Two psychotic (and officially dead) children of the Shogun are amusing themselvs by torturing and murdering the peasants who live in a remote rural area. But that’s starting to get boring, so when they learn that Kyoshiro is the son of a Black Mass, they decide to have some fun with him…

#12 : Castle Menagerie

Just when you think Kyoshiro’s life can’t get any stranger, someone starts running around raping and murdering, and leaving notes proudly proclaiming that he did it. Tracking down the real culprit willtake him along a twisted trail that involves the Shogun’s harem, hidden christians, and positively pregnant politics! – AnimEigo



Audio Format(s): Japanese, Dolby Digital 2ch
Subtitles: English

The audio is crisp for being 2 channel audio from 1967, no noise so the audio is good but compared to 7.1 hd sound it gets a rating of



Disc Format: DVD-5
Encoding: MPEG-2
Video Aspect: 2.35:1 Widescreen
Resolution 720 x 480

The Video Quality is good but is filled with Noise. Close ups are almost HD like. The blacks are black but in darker scenes the noise is more noticeable if you are paying attention to the detail instead of the movie. But if your more into the movie you wont notice the noise. Colors are OK they don’t pop like Blu-Ray but the Quality over all for DVD stretched out on my 46″ tv is pretty good.

(click the photo for larger view) In the photo below you can see the Noise and it is the worst out of the collection. The film is on Pause so you will see the noise more so if the movie was playing the noise would not look as it does below.

The pic below is a close up view to show how good the PQ is for DVD



Theatrical release Date: 1967-1969

Disc release Date: February 12 2013

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My Thoughts

The Full moon Cut Is displayed for the Last Time in the Final 4 films of Sleepy Eyes of Death in the Vol 3 Collocation Set by AnimEigo.

The films are great and wish they could have kept it going but The untimely death of Raizo Ichikawa made this collocation the last. Raizo Ichikawa does a great job like he does in all the films I have Seen him in. Nemuri Kyoshiro is the character he plays and he is not to be messed with. Through out all 4 films other sword swingers try to trick or trap him into death but it never happens as Nemuri Kyoshiro is way to smart to fall for a lady claiming to be a virgin. That is what happens a lot in the films a lady trying to get him to lay with her why the guys come out slice him and the lady tries to poison him with a mask as you can see in the last film.

In 3 of the 4 films you get a plot that has Christianity twisted into it.  I think the 2nd film doesn’t have this which is my fav out of the 4 films. The 2nd film has a guy in it with a bunch of Tsuba or Guards ( part of the sword) stringed up around his body like Rambo strapping bullets from his shoulder all around to the other-side of his body. I Thought its all his kills and he takes the Tsuba from his victims sword as a trophy but you never see this happen, so It could just be for looks or intimidation. The guys isn’t that good but he make the movie for me as he had me cracking up a few times like when he buys a cheap sword but it gets cut in half and he burst out well I guess you get what you pay for.

The 3rd film I felt was a more Serous film with the bad guys just killing for fun. The last film Nemuri Kyoshiro Faces a guy who has killed people while portraying Nemuri Kyoshiro with a mask that looks like him, He also know the full moon cut. At the end its full moon cut vs full moon cut, Who wins? You will have to watch to find out.

Over all the films are great with action and traps scattered thorough out each film. Woman just throwing them selves at Nemuri Kyoshiro but they all get killed.

The only thing I don’t like about the film is the first 2 films and part of the 3rd film they have wired cuts in them Like when one scene go’s to the other.  For an example  Nemuri Kyoshiro gets done killing a guy then it cuts to the next scene with Nemuri Kyoshiro on a 2nd floor building talking to a lady. But this doenst hurt the films too much.

Sleepy eyes of death is a must have especially if you have the other 2 Volumes. Don’t forget to check out the Shinobi no mono films which also stars Raizo Ichikawa. R.I.P Raizo Ichikawa

With all that said the collection gets a 4 out of 5


By Masked Avenger

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